Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Another 15 months...

...have past!
Well, I've been busy, I guess.
I was actually quite surprise to discover, that there really was a crafter hidden deep inside of me. And I really have been busy making all sort of things: sewing, crocheting, embellishing boxes... making owls! Yes, I guess owls are my new passion.
Owls and somehow everything lilac and purple (in case you did not notice the new template... ehm ehm).
Picture of all the fine things I've made will soon be published.
But one thing I made in the last 15 months really can't compare to the rest and it's what I'm most proud of:


He really is the loveliest of babies (actually "toddlers" since he turned one a couple of weeks ago) therefore I can't really use him as an excuse for not being able to write a couple of line in the blog.
I am aware of the fact that a post a year isn't enough to keep this blog alive and that is why I have decided to really make an effort in giving my new crafter identity a place to show off and maybe a little reading material for Tristan, something he can laugh about when he grows up!


  1. I knoooowwww... We've been sick, all three of us (mostly Tristan) during the last 4 weeks. I've been working today and I'm going to work tomorrow as well... Got to find me a new job, by the way: weekend customers are pure EVIL! ;P

  2. They're the worst cause they've too much time on their hands...
    Spero che stiate meglio, mi raccomando riposati e io attenderò nuovo post. baciosi