Friday, 13 January 2012

Feeling yellow

I'm home today... yes... and I've been home the last couple of days.
Got my right hand fixed last wednesday (because of an annoying carpal tunnel syndrome) and I'm going to be on sick leave for a fortnight because I cannot really use my hand that much and it would be impossible to get something done at work.
As a matter of fact I'm not doing that much at home either, I still cannot feel the tip my fingers and it is actually quite hard to type as well: the sutures feels a little tight and are right on the wrist... ever tried to keep you're right wrist completely still? It just isn't going to happen!!
And hey! What's the matter with that funky yellow thing they dip your hand with?!? It is actually impossible to get off...
As I had to keep my hand up all day, need I say how many people stared at me on the way home? Not the kind of attention one's eager to get really...

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  1. Ma ancora non è andato via il betadine?! Ma che betadine usano in Danimara... a base di sæbespåne?! ;) spero che si lavi via presto, goditi il riposo forzato cara. Un abbraccio