Tuesday, 26 March 2013

What I won and what I made

I was so lucky to win Barnlil's give away yesterday, a Themis mobile by Artecnica

Take a look at it, isn't it a beauty? 
I am really looking forward to next week, when it will be hanging in my living room... can't wait! 

Two or three weeks ago I made these fine crochet balls. I was quite happy with the result and making them was easy and fun.
Still, I couldn't decide how I wanted to use them.
I had numerous ideas in mind, but none of them really convinced me and quite honestly I really liked the way they looked on my Kaleido tray! ;)

(by HAY

In the meanwhile though, I bought some wooden spheres at the local Søstrene Grene and... ta-daaaa:

Two of those spheres became this fine ornament!

(You can find the Perfect Sphere pattern here, it's free and comes in 10 different sizes)